What is a “natural hoof”??

A natural hoof trim is one that is trimmed  to work in the horses living environment but is also modified by 
diet, movement &  the environment itself…

The robust hoof shape needed for today’s riding is typically modeled after the mustang hoof found on horses wandering in hard, rocky areas like Nevada and Arizona. The cadavers below have been freeze dried but are typical of what some people try to get their horses feet to look like. 

Unless your horse lives the life that the mustangs lived, it may not happen! A lot of horses would be sore if their feet looked like that.

In the wild, the hoof is worn by horses’ constant movement. The edges of the hoof from the toe to the “quarters” (the sides of the hoof wall at the base of the hoof) are shaped by loose soil & rock. These rounded edges deflect rocks & dirt, & enhance traction.

In rocky terrain, the “quarters”; often take on a scoop-shape that accentuates traction, absorbs concussion, allows loose matter to escape to the sides of the hoof as the hoof descends in a weight bearing stage.

bilateral_front_soles RF_obl_sole2 IMG_0531 IMG_0514 IMG_0525 IMG_0530On flatter terrain, the hoof adapts as best it can, usually filling in flat with a retained sole  and higher bars to provide support








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