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American Hoof Association Founding Member. Served as President, Vice President,& Educational Committee Chairman. Founded AHA in 2006 with Pete Ramey & 13 other “pretty good trimmers” http://www.americanhoofassociation.org/

Member of Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners; Member of Educational Committee, Mentor and Clinician http://www.pacifichoofcare.org/

Member of Western States Farrier Association

Learning to Trim

I began trimming in the early 2000’s after years of being fascinated by farrier science. I was certified as a “Martha Olivo United Horsemanship Mentor Hoof Groom” in August 2004. I was trimming about 50 horses, including several pathological cases. These horses were active trail horses, Western & English sport horses, retired horses, brood mares and colts.

After certification, I started reading Pete Ramey’s first book and was fascinated by his conservative, common-sense approach. In September, 2004, I got his phone number from a mutual friend and gave him a call to see if he wanted to join in the formation of a “Natural Horse Care” organization. He didn’t, the groups members had a less conservative approach, but we had an extended discussion on trimming philosophy that changed my life.

I was committed to making barefoot work because my horses had convinced me that they didn’t want to be shod. See Gavilan and the Farrier for that story!

I began applying his moderate approach to trimming  http://www.hoofrehab.com/  immediately. . I wanted all of  my clients horses to be robustly sound regardless of footing, and the Strasser/Olivo approach consistently left horses tender.

I was impressed with the immediate changes I saw in horses that had been barefoot for up to two years, including my own. Pete continued to answer questions, I encouraged he and Ivy to do more clinics, and over time he ad Ivy became close friends..

Pete’s trim techniques resulted in horses going barefoot comfortably on many surfaces after a very short period of time, without a notable transition period.

I love Pete, but he and any other great trimmer will tell you that our most valuable teachers and coaches have been the horses we’ve trimmed. I owe much to Pete Ramey, who shares his invaluable knowledge and resources with all of us so that we all understand what to trim and what to not trim.

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Other friends have influenced my evolution as a hoof care provider. Foremost is my long-time friend Dr Kerry Ridgway http://www.drkerryridgway.com/  who encouraged me to learn more about the symptoms of ill health and unsoundness as well as introducing me to saddle fit, chiropractic, acupuncture and bodywork.

I met Diana Thompson http://www.dianathompson.com/  through Kerry Ridgway and learned about acupressure and energy work at her side and as I worked with her taking her beloved aged OTTB, Timothy, barefoot.

I was introduced to Dr Eleanor Kellon DVM http://drkellon.com/ by a mutual friend, and from her, have learned more about equine nutrition than I can begin to assimilate. Dr Kellon may not be a close personal friend, but she is one of the most influential people in my trimming career because feet on horses fed following her protocol are optimally strong from the inside out.

Sally Hugg, formulator of California Trace http://californiatrace.com/ is a very close friend and important influence on my business. Sally made equine nutrition and the role that minerals play in hoof health simple enough that I could easily understand it, then developed a remarkable mineral supplement that made mineral balancing simple for everyone. 90% of my clients feed CA Trace, and most of the remainder feed a similar supplement or custom-balance their mineral supplement to the forage they feed.

How I Got Here

I spent 27 years San Jose, California, in High Tech Marketing, Sales, Engineering and Business Development working for large  corporations like HP, Intel, Oracle and Mentor, and for many innovative start-ups too. I lost my “bleeding edge high tech marketing” position in 1999 when the industry took a nose-dive, spent a year unemployed, then decided to follow my dream and move to the country to pursue a career working with horses.

I bought a newly opened tack store in Mendocino County, spent 3 years developing it to realize that the bulk of my time was spent doing bookkeeping, which wasn’t what I wanted to do. . I decided to sell the business in March 2005, and moved to Sonoma County to began trimming full time. I launched my www.HealthyHoof.com web site in April of 2005 as a way of documenting the transition processes I witnessed in horses who reportedly “couldn’t go barefoot”.

My Objective

I love horses, and they recognize that immediately. I typically trim horses at liberty, even horses with a history of being “bad for farriers”.  I’m passionate about comfortable movement & soundness, about rehabilitating horses, mules and donkeys with chronic soundness problems.

I’m equally devoted to supporting barefoot horses of owners with performance goals, because these people prove to the world how robustly sound barefoot horses are. I offer training and advice to hoof care professionals’ and amateur trimmers who share my devotion to improving horses’ lives by restoring their soundness naturally.

I love offering clinics and training activities; please see my Services & Training page for more information.

I advise my clients on basic nutrition, saddle and bit fit, and have a good eye for correct movement. I have made it my business to know who provides the products and services my clients and their  horses need to thrive and post those references on this site so that the community can benefit from them.

Whole Horse Health http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/wholehorsehealth/info is a  Yahoo chat group that I host so that members can share experiences and grow our “tribal knowledge” about anything equine.

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