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Whole Horse Health Chat

My Whole Horse Health Chat https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/wholehorsehealth/  offers an email forum where we discuss a wide variety of equine wellness, tack, training and management topics, and I’m an active part of the group… many experts chime in, it’s a great group, and you are welcome to join. Its free and informative!

Professional Consultations

Some situations are better assessed one-on-one, either on-line, over the phone or face to face, so I offer Whole Horse Consultations. These Consultations cover my entire area of expertise (business development, training, hoof care, hoof health, booting, finding appropriate feeds and supplements for your situation, saddle and tack fitting, stabling implementation & assessment).

My service helps you identify your needs as well as helping you determine what other expertise you need, and include helping you find the expert.

If you are purchasing a new horse, need to determine which trainer can give you or your horse specific help, are considering barefoot, want to write a book, need to revitalize on organization or equine business, need a vet, dentist or other equine specialist for a specific problem or simply are not sure what you need, I may be able to help. I would love to try!

Consultation Topics Include Evaluations & Recommendations On:

Horse-keeping:  Stall and paddock footing, stabling options, fencing pasture management, slow feeder options

Nutrition: Overview of nutritional requirements, hay sampling and test preparation; template of a sample feed and supplement program; names of professional Nutritionists and explanation of their comprehensive services;

Hoof Care: 5 to 6 week trim evaluation, hoof condition assessment, barefoot and transition considerations for shod horses; trim mentoring and training; farrier and trimmer brainstorming and consultations; assistance with synthetic shoes, glue-ons, boots and use.

Saddle & Tack Fit: Evaluation of horses conformation and back; evaluate existing saddle and tack fit; recommend potential saddles; explaining the essentials of saddle fit evaluation. Custom saddle shimming, flocking, fitting and help with the online sales of saddles is also available for additional charge.

Personal Shopper: This can include anything from shopping assistance for a major purchase (a new equine property, equine, trailer, barn or arena footing) to  helping finding a trainer who will understand a sensitive rider or horse consideration.

Help Finding The Right Help!: Assist in identifying what your or your horses primary needs are and help finding the right service, service provider, product, trainer, specialist etc.

Equine Business Development:  I’ve launched several equine related businesses and assisted in the release of many web sites, non-profit organizations,training programs, conference functions, equine products and publications, so I would be glad to assist with your small business development. My pre-horse business career focused on New Product Development and Emerging Markets and I have a full suite of skills to help you launch your business.


Whole Horse Health consultations are $150  for each 90 minutes (for one horse) plus travel. Multiple horses per site are $50 each and add 30 minutes each.

Whole Horse Health Traveling Clinics

Group rates apply if 2 or more additional clients are scheduled in the same area on the same day. Clinic organizer receives a discount and everyone attending all the evaluations… its super informative!

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