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Insulin Resistant / Cushing's Horses
Retail Feed Store Wish List

Mom & Pop Feed stores can build a great niche of loyal customers by supplying products for Insulin Resistant and Cushing's horses. This list is a preliminary copy of a list that can help these feed stores select and order products that will attract and hold clients. If you have one of these types of horses and have more information on these companies and products that will assist retailers, please forward it to me. If you have a small feed retailer that may consider building an inventory, printing off this list may help them decide to invest in the inventory.

If your favorite feed store carries these products, I will build a list that describes who they are, where they are located and what they sell.

There is a demand for these products and retailers looking for good products to offer. Lets try the list and see what happens!

Ontario Dehy Timothy Cubes
Bermuda hay tested low NSC

Triple Crown products

Grazing Muzzles - Best Friends and Weaver Leather

Vita Royal Prod. Inc , 605-787-5488

low starch, high fiber (beet pulp based) pelleted feeds
shredded beet pulp without molasses
a variety of good quality grass hays, such as
* low protein bermuda grass
* timothy without ANY alfalfa!
* orchard grass, again, without ANY alfalfa

timothy hay cubes or pellets

magnesium oxide
loose salt with iodine
electrolytes WITHOUT sucrose, dextrose or any other form of sugar (Any suggestions??)
Equine Shine makes a stabilized rice bran without added calcium that is available in California. Rice bran without added calcium is what Dr. Kellon recommends.

Sterretts pellets

Tested <10% NSC Hay
alfalfa pellets

pre-packaged in bulk:

  • jiaogulan
  • chaste tree berry
  • large containers of cinnamon

pre-packaged 40-lb bags of chopped grass hay

Molasses repackage it into 1/2 gallon bottles

McCauley's line of feeds

  • M-30 feed.  It's 30% protein and between 12-15% NSC, fully fortified
  • Alam - very low NSC but has more fat for the harder kept IR or Cushing's horses
Remission is very inexpensive & is good stuff. It's got the magnesium and chromium that's needed for IR horses as well as biotin and methionine.  And it's cheap!!  It's manufactured by Animed, another KY company
Quiessence is similar though it's more expensive
loose minerals
muck buckets to make soaking hay easier
natural fly sprays
Vitamin E is usually a must too. 
Equipride is the very best all around supplement
Seminoles Horse & Pony low carb pellets
TC Low Starch
TC Lite
Uckele magnesium oxide 58%, 50 pound quantity
Buckeye Grow N Win
Bulk Mag Ox
Bulk Whole Flax seed
Rice Bran
Progressive Nutrition - Pro Advantage Diet Balancer for Grass/Hay ( just vitamins, minerals and protein)
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