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“Between The Twines”

2-day Nutrition Webinar With Sally Hugg

When: July 17 & 18, 5 PM to 8:30 PM Pacific Time
Cost: $40


Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners http://www.pacifichoofcare.org/  has a comprehensive hoof care training program that is open to owners, trimmers, farriers and all equine professionals. This Web-Based Nutrition Course is required for PHCP Certification. We are offering this clinic as a Webinar to better serve remote students and to open it up to the general public

  A two-part nutrition clinic for horse owners and professionals

  Topics covered:

  • ·   Basic equine digestion and how it works
  • ·    Slow feeding for a healthy digestive system and a happier horse
  • ·    Nutrition 101 for horses: protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins
  • ·    Feeding for hoof health
  • ·    Insulin resistance – is your horse at risk?
  • ·    Hay and the nutrition it provides – it’s not just roughage
  • ·    How to test hay or get information about the hay in your area
  • ·    Using the NRC “Nutrient Requirements of Horses” guidelines
  • ·    Weights, measures, and math – it’s easy!
  • ·    Formulating a ration that’s simple and cost effective
  • ·    How to decipher a feed tag and supplement label
  • ·    Smart shopping – getting the best deals for your money

A 15 page PDF,, including a list of resources, will be provided. Participants are encouraged to email in feed and supplement labels from any products they are using.

, unless there are a few people who need it who can’t make it. July 24th and 25th is an alternative!


Tuesday & Wednesday, July 17 & 18, 5 PM to 8:30 PM Pacific Time


Each session schedule will be 3 hours of. presentation with a break when we need it  Q&A. is interspersed throughout. Participants are are welcome to submit feed labels and hay tests a week in advance for inclusion in the class.


$40 for the 6+ hour interactive course

Don’t Be Shy!!

HORSE OWNERS OR ANYONE INVOLVED WITH HORSES in any capacity is welcome to join our Webinars. Register Now!

Course Outline

Course Details

Course Preparation Materials


Please note that Registration is non-refundable unless the clinic is cancelled. PHCP students get credit for this class!

Between The Twines Webinar – $40.00
December 2013
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