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Is Your Horse Tender-footed In The Fall & Spring?

Several of my clients horses become tender in the fall & spring, while several others become sore and exhibit signs of laminitis when their diet hasn’t changed. If this is the case with your horse, this may be due to the seasonal rise in ACTH hormones, and this tenderness may be an early symptom of Equine Cushing’s. and if you suspect this, contact your vet for a checkup.

Many people think that a heavy hair coat is the first sign of Cushing’s, but other symptoms like tenderness often precede it. Early detection is a factor in successfully controlling the development and symptoms. If your horse is 13 or older (even younger horses can have Cushing’s), I recommend becoming familiar with the symptoms and a talk with your vet if you have suspicions. For great information, go to http://www.ecirhorse.com/

December 2013
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