Spring 2012 Hoof Care Clinic Attendee Information

Location: Flag Foundation's Equistar Farm 

2920 Thorn Road, Sebastopol, CA 94572 

Sebastopol is 1 hour and 20 minutes north of San Francisco, and 20 minutes west of Santa Rosa.

Sonoma County...

Sonoma County is one of the sweetest places on earth to visit, so you may want to pad your schedule and spend an extra day or two to see some of it.  The towns of Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Healdsburg and Calistoga are all tourist destinations that even the locals love to visit. We pride ourselves on Grow Local produce, organic foods, great wines, beers and cheeses... people are friendly here.

Sebastopol is an artsy town with lots of character - and CHARACTERS! There are many cool specialty shops, a great Farmers Market, a Whole Foods downtown and a good Brew Pub with great beer and (unfortunately) not great food where the is music on the patio in good weather.

Santa Rosa has more brew pubs with better food!


May in this part of Northern California is either warm and dry or wet and cool, so be prepared for anything! Most of the time its in the 70's to 80's and dry, but mornings and evenings can be in the 40's. Last year was cold with showers for our June clinic, but that was very unusual!


Santa Rosa is on highway 101 60 minutes north of San Francisco. To reach Sebastopol, drive to Santa Rosa, then west 20 minutes on Highway 12.

Most people fly in to Oakland or San Francisco Airports and take the Sonoma County Airporter to Santa Rosa. The trip costs $30 and the fare has to be cash! Flying into Sonoma Airport is easier but sometimes more expensive.

Sonoma County Airport   http://www.sonomacountyairport.org/
Sonoma County Airporter  http://airportexpressinc.com/home.html


There are many good hotels in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. The Sebastopol Inn got high marks from attendees last year and is the closest choice. They gladly accommodated 4 people in one room (2 beds and 2 cots) and its walking distance to a very sweet downtown and some great restaurants.

Room Sharing & Car Pooling

If people want to room or car share, I'll start an email list and let you have at it! There is limited parking at the ranch and its on backroads in the country so sharing a ride improves your odds of getting there on time!

Map To EquiStar Farm

I'll be posting a map to the farm with easiest routes prior to the clinic.


There are an assortment of places to camp locally, including Doran Beach and Bodega Bay at the coast. Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" was filmed in the little town of Bodega. The coast is 30 minutes away, so its more of a drive - and a distraction! Here's a Goggle Link to CAMPING IN SONOMA CA. A comment is that some of the little trailer parks are <ahem!> dives, and some are nice.


I provide coffee and tea, water, apples, carrots and snacks.  We suggest that people bring lunch with them because the closest lunch place is in town, a 30 minute round trip drive, and we had a great time hanging out and talking during lunch.

But if we decide that we need a 90 minute lunch break we can do that because Sebastopol is a super fun place to visit and we like to take advantage of the opportunity to talk!

Evening dining in this area is fantastic, many great choices! Here are a few, but there are also several very good Thai and Sushi eateries in downtown, and a few great cheap Mexican places close by too!

Nearby Santa Rosa has some wonderful restaurants, too, and another beautiful little Sonoma County down-town to relax in. There are quite a few good breweries in town, and most restaurants. have decent wine lists featuring local wines.

Notes For The Trimming Workshop



You will need to bring your tools. If you are flying in, we have spare rasps, hoof picks and hoof jacks, but recommend that you bring your nippers, knives, and gloves. 


If you have a particularly difficult horse to trim we can discuss trailering in to trim it with the group and get input. The road in is narrow but I manage it fine with my Dodge dually and a 2-horse trailer.


The horses we'll be trimming are well loved retirees or rescue horses, and most are easy to work with, but as with any animal, accidents can happen and by participating in this activity you are acknowledging that you accept the risk associated with working with horses.

Notes on the Booting & Hoof Protection Sessions

Glues, epoxies and casting materials are SUPER messy, I sometimes end up with this stuff all over my arms,jeans and shirts -- that a warning to dress appropriately or bring a "dress-down" shirt for the hands-on parts of this clinic!