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Tis the Season For Thrush!

Below are a few pages of pictures of healthy winter frogs from wet living conditions, like the frog on the right.healthy Frog

Many people believe that thrush starts with wet conditions, and while moisture amplifies the symptoms of a thrush infection, frogs can be very healthy in a super wet living environment.

If your horses frogs are shredded, greasy looking, full of holes and foul smelling, this is a hard time of the year to fix them. BUT it can be done!

Healthy California Fall Frogs
Global Healthy Fall Frogs


Number one is trimming the infected frog back to remove all lose flaps and open up cavities.

Next? Look at diet.

The frog above is the product of a low carb diet and balanced minerals, specifically adding zinc and copper to balance out the iron that is abundant in this horses diet.

Next? If a frog has thrush, I recommend a simple cleaning with a stiff brush and Dawn dish washing detergent to remove the film that protects the bacterial components of thrush.

Topical Treatments

I have a lot of treatments that have worked over the years… what works depends on the horse and what works for the care provider. See my Thrush pages in the Articles list to the left for a lot of older information.

Want to try something new? Here are two new treatments that have been working on chronically thrushy frogs:

December 2013
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