Case Study Summary – Posted 2014

These case studies are primarily horses that I trim, but many are trimmed by their owners or by other farrier’s or trimmers. Some of these horses have passed on, but they leave stories behind to tell us who they were, they leave their hoof prints here. Case studies published prior to 2014 are listed on another page.

I’m attempting to document the beauty and resilience of the natural hoof. Many of the pictures show feet in transition, feet becoming sound.

My job is to help the horse by restoring balance to the hoof capsule and to coach owners to improve the horses diet, environment and body balance.  My trimming takes the place of rocks, sand, time and miles… I wear the exterior of the hoof the way a horse would if he was free to go wherever he wanted. I read the hoof and do what it tells me needs to be done, and no more.

Please feel free to contact me about specific details or with questions. Linda


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