Local Resources – Sonoma/Marin County


Boots & Hoof Care Supplies

Horseshoe Mart

2100 Llano Rd # B, Santa Rosa, CA 95407-6430   (707) 578-7320 ‎horsesho@sonic.net

Selina helps me make smart purchases…. love shopping here. The Horse Shoe Mart has a good inventory of boots, pads and parts, including the Gloves, Glove Glue Ons, RX, Rack Country Trails and Trails. She also carries Vet Tec and Equilox glues and epoxies, Hoof Jacks, farrier tools and all the supplies we typically need for trimming. I recycle rasps and shoes there too.

Forage & Feeds

Larson’s Feed/Pet Supply

(707) 527-7328 7400 Gravenstein Hwy, Cotati CA 94931

Larson’s gets in a great high-quality grass hay that is tested by the load to be low carb.  They also carry Elk Grove Stable Mix in 250# barrels.

Dave Hay Barn

(707) 546-6677, 3395 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa, CA95404

Dave’s carries Mountain Sunrise Bermuda & Timothy Grass Hay Pellets, http://www.mountainsunrise.com/pellets.html , which are very low carb and a super clean pellet. I love these pellets, and so do my horses. These are my favorite to use as a carrier for supplements. They also carry Elk Grove Stable Mix in 250# barrels.

Hunt & Behrens

(707) 762-4594,   30 Lakeville Street, Petaluma, CA 94952-3125

Hunt & Behrens carries Yea Sacc Brewers Yeast, which is a popular additive. Yea Sacc costs about $24 for a 50# bag,


My vet recommends these probiotics:

Pro Bios – available in most feed stores

Ration Plus http://www.rationplus.com/abouth.htm – I feed this to my old guy who needs a little more GI support; I add it to his supplements for a week or two and then stop for a month. he also gets 2 to 3 ounces or Yea Sacc in every bucket.

Foreco – available in most feed stores, this is what I feed my riding horses, one week on and 3 weeks off, and following worming, travel or dietary change

I often feed Hunt & Behrens Yea Sacc Brewers Yeast when I feed probiotics.


We have many good vets and body workers in this area, and these are the people I personally use or who most of my clients use.

Dr Steve Wood,DVM  (707) 795-4356
Dr. Robert W Steere DVM (707) 763-1972
Dr. Carrie Schlachter DVM (707)738-2529 (great ultrasound, also chiropractic and acupuncture)
Dr Leslie Mikulich DVM (707) 544-7714 (great acupuncture)
Dr. Jamie Kerr DVM (707) 795-1701
Dr. Marc Horrell DVM (707) 792-4335
Dr. Michael O’Connor MS DVM (707) 763-1222
Dr. Richard Pierce DVM (707) 433-2088
Dr Sandy Schuler (707) 762-7485


Suzanne Guyton, D.C. (707) 537-9212 
Dr. Carrie Schlachter DVM (707)738-2529


Dr Clair Thunes c.thunes@gmail.com or clair@equilibrateequine.com
Sheri Brodsky mspsb@sbcglobal.net 707-763-8934 Horse Cents Equine & Dairy Nutrition



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