ARIES TRIM Occasionally horses are so uncomfortable that they are unable to lift one or more of their feet for trimming. Examples of scenarios I have run into include: Horses  with musculo-skeletal problems (arthritis and muscular problems) in their back, shoulders or hips Horses with laminitis Horses with joint problems like bone chips in  the […]

Healthy Frogs Make Healthy Bare Feet

Healthy Frogs Make Healthy Bare Feet My Horses & Clients Feet Northern California, November 1, 2009 I started this to show my frogs but expanded it to include frogs from around the world. Check out the International Healthy Bare Feet page too! My horse, Gabby’s feet (Arabian) Clifford (young QH) Magnum (retired QH) Martha & […]


Also see these pages: Digital Pulse Hoof Soaking Techniques Hoof Soaking Solutions What is an abscesses? An abscess is an infection in the hoof. Abscesses are extremely painful because, like a tooth ache, the infection causes inflammation, and the hoof capsule constrains the inflamed tissue, causing the pressure to build up.. Abscesses are so excruciating that I’ve […]

"Between The Twines"

“Between The Twines”

2-day Nutrition Webinar With Sally Hugg When: July 17 & 18, 5 PM to 8:30 PM Pacific Time Cost: $40 Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners  has a comprehensive hoof care training program that is open to owners, trimmers, farriers and all equine professionals. This Web-Based Nutrition Course is required for PHCP Certification. We are […]

Differentiating Webinars VS. Web Seminars

matured and is becoming popular with the horse-owning public. Today’s “webinars” are presentations aimed at educating hundreds of attendees on a very general topic. Questions are fielded, but most are general, as are the responses Most web broadcasting is done as a form of advertizing and is free web-based presentation… the content is good, what […]

“Our horses don’t have an eating disorder, we humans have a feeding disorder..”

  Is the stress in YOUR life resulting in your over feeding your horse? Does your desire to see your horse running loose in a green field mean more than having that horse be healthy? To learn about what your horses nutritional requirements, go to and sign up for the NRC course.